What is Digital Addiction?

DigitalAddiction is an online community of individuals with shared interests in computers, such as hardware, software, programming, server hosting, radio communications, gaming and much more. Our goal in the near future is to establish our blog based on Technology, Tech News, Security and other useful topics. DigitalAddiction consists of a variety of different people from all over the world, visitors are welcome to join our chat to ask technical questions, inquire about the services we offer, or just engage in friendly conversation by simply clicking the IRC tab above. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community!

We are currently looking for

  • Writers & Blog Staff
  • Web Developers
  • Administrators
  • Moderators

DigitalAddiction is privately owned and operated. We are all volunteers. This website and all of it’s components are managed by volunteers. We generate absolutely no revenue! We have no ads, no banners, no donations – And we never will.  Thanks. 


Join one of our many chatrooms, and connect with the community and get to know new people with similar technology related interests! Everyone is welcome! Tap to read more.

IRC Network

Here you can meet people of the community, and discuss technology-related subjects. There are many rooms which makes finding people with similar interests easy as pie!
Remember to read the rules, and keep the tone friendly!  Connect with us Here.

Information Technology

IT is a very broad subject, but luckily we have people from all backgrounds ready to help, discuss, learn, or just have a great time with you!

Information Technology (IT)

We love technology! No matter the subject, you will find an ocean of knowledge, either from our blog, wiki, DA, or even our very own IRC channel.


Python, C, C#, Java, HTML,PHP. We have it all, get in touch with the community now, and start having fun while learning together with other people!
Programming is a central part in everything technology-related; computers in you cars, TV’s, radios and so on, are all built using programming. But how does it all work? Well, here you may find people with similar interests and start learning together and explore how it all works!

Radio Communications

Radio Communications is a central part of the world, it helps us communicate and get in touch with each other. But how does it work? Tap to read more.

Radio Communications

A large part of the community has a huge interest in radio communication. Ranging from Amateur radio and scanners, to Software Defined Radio. Share or absorb all the knowledge you with other radio hobbyist. Take part of the conversation on IRC, connect with #HamRadio to start learning today!

Some Other Areas Of Interest 

  • Programming and development
  • Servers and administration
  • Linux Systems
  • Networking
  • Amateur Radio
  • Digital and Encrypted Radio Communications


      • A special thanks to W5KUB for introducing guest Astronaut Doug Wheelock from the International Space Station on their Tuesday nights stream
      • SWLing public live streams have united multiple countries and people from foreign governments to share radio related discussions around the world
      • DigitalAddiction is working with several Amateur Radio Operations from the United Nations “4u1a” www.CQDX.ru
      • The DigitalAddiction Administration Team were successful in eliminating numerous Cyber Terrorists by alerting and working with the Data-centers which hosted their content.