DigitalAddiction is an online community of individuals with shared interests in computers, such as hardware, software, programming, server hosting, radio communications, gaming and much more. Our goal in the near future is to establish our blog based on Technology, Tech News, Security and other useful topics. DigitalAddiction consists of a variety of different people from all over the world, visitors are welcome to join our chat to ask technical questions, inquire about the services we offer, or just engage in friendly conversation by simply clicking the Chat link above. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community!

Meet the Team

DeltaGalaxy Ruler (Owner)
Hello I’m Delta I’m the owner of DigitalAddiction. I’m usually involved with general IT and essentially all networking and server administration. I’m also the “Director of Operations” so to speak. I enjoy anything related to Technology and Radio communications. I’m involved with many types of Commercial Broadcast Radio and I’m also a active Amateur Radio Operator. You’ll find me on the DA network just about every day.
JustinThe Hammer
Hello, I’m Justin. I’m part of the team that maintains a large majority of the back-end configurations and server management. It’s not only been a great and fantastic learning experience to be a part of the team and learn for myself, but also to help the community and help others. I currently work in the Telecommunications field, now let’s sign up for that service subscription 😉
NewTechnical Everything
Your Name Here!Volunteer with Us
We are currently searching for volunteers. Everyone behind DA contributes on a volunteer basis. We are searching for Technical writers and tutorials. However if you have any kind of administrative experience and you would like to assist with administration and server administration or project management, we have multiple areas of interest, please let us know.
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